We help Entrepreneurs Reach their Goals. Specialised in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

For SME-owners, Directors and Investors


We help Business Owners, mainly of Family Owned Businesses or SMEs (Small and Medium Sized Companies), Reach their Goals:

How can we improve our results by using 4BetterResults.com?

Business Development in Belgium (Brussels) or Europe

  • Setting up a subsidiary: Market development through setting up a business in Belgium.
    Setting up a business as an interim manager
    or helping with practical advice (consulting) 
  • Seeking distributors or agents in Belgium and Europe
  • Buying a Belgian Company

Buying a Company in Belgium or Selling a Business to a Belgian Investor

  • Scouting to find the right targets
  • Helping during the negotiation process
  • Helping to obtain optimal results after the business is bought

Helping Companies to Reach Better Results through Accellerated Growth Programmes

  • For fast growing companies
  • For companies who want to improve their results gradually, in stages

4BetterResults in a Nutshell?

Our company is located in Belgium (Brussels). 

We have developed a unique expertise in Accellerated Growth Programmes (business analysis and result improvement trajectories). That is a major activity we do for companies in Belgium. Next tot that we help those companies if they want to buy or sell their business.

If you are located outside Belgium, we can help you best by doing this:

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