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And realize brilliant Business Results, better than ever before.

Outsmart your competition

by using a unique, proven and very practical step by step methodology.

The Story

Kurt Vandewalle has a lot of respect for entrepreneurs and has dedicated his professional life to help driven entrepreneurs to realize their goals. Kurt has helped as an advisor of company owners several hundreds of business owners to improve their business to a great extent. He has even started a consulting company so his colleagues and him can help many business owners in a very practical way to get to where they want to get.

He grew up in the house of entrepreneurs and has seen that the demands towards business owners have increased considerably these last years. Entrepreneurs in this age have to be much wiser than entrepreneurs a few decades ago. Never have there been more opportunities than now. But never have there been more threats than now too. That’s why he – as an advisor of business owners – has developed a unique methodology to help entrepreneurs to reach their goals. The methodology works: by clearly focusing on less – entrepreneurs reach more, while they themselves grow as professionals.

“Choosing is losing, but not choosing is losing more”, is one of his sayings. He has realized in many companies serious growth, higher profits and better structured companies, by focusing on fewer but on the right strategic actions.

We as business owners have to choose. But we have to make smart choices. We cannot allow ourselves to focus on the wrong things. The outcome could be dramatic. The economy is not forgiving. And the aim of the program is to focus in a smart way on the right things so that you will go a lot faster forward, to where you as a business owner want to go to:

  • For some owners, this is a growth in profit of 100 000 $ or 300 000 $ or more per year.
  • For others is making the company a lot stronger so it is ready to face to future.
  • For other entrepreneurs, it is to prepare the company for sale or for the next generation.
  • For other business owners, it is structuring the company so that they are more dispensable, or that they can have more fun in their own company.
  • For other entrepreneurs, it is making their company a lot stronger.
  • For other company owners, it is growing in revenue or in people with 25, 50, 100 or more than 100 percent every year.

That is what this program is all about: taking your business to the next level, in a very smart, progressive and time-efficient way.

This program will be the best time investment you ever did in your company. Some ideas will make a big change in your thinking about strategy, making profit, portfolio management, people management, structuring the organization, smart growth, sales and marketing and many other things. You will benefit from all the ground breaking innovative practical knowledge Kurt has gathered in his many years of experience in small and medium sized enterprises.

You will receive present-day progressive management knowledge for small and medium sized companies, and result driven ideas, all proven and tested by real life entrepreneurship.

Don’t wait to reap these beautiful fruits for your company and check out what this program can do for you. Only after checking out this information, you will be able to decide if this program is for you.

Some benefits you will reap by going through this program:

  • A considerably higher profit before taxes
  • A better, healthier company to leave to your children or your successors
  • A more solid, stronger company that can withstand future difficult markets
  • A stronger spirit in your company, where everybody aims in the same direction
  • More energy in the team
  • More fun for the business owner, and for the employees
  • Less workload for the business owner
  • You as a business owner will be more certain than ever about your decisions
  • You will know you based your decisions on state of the art knowledge
  • And you will build a stronger than ever competitive advantage
  • A smart growth plan, focussing on the rich actions
  • More focus

You can follow a free training to get an idea of the program “Master in Business Results”.