“Mastering Business Results”

Probably the Best Video-Coaching Program
for Ambitious Entrepreneurs and Business Owners.

Based on results we realized in several hundreds of small businesses (0 – 150 employees)

12 weeks of result-giving inspiration

To make your company better than ever before

If you want to learn more about this unique, cutting-edge, result-generating program:

Nothing to lose. A lot to win.


Pricing options:

Mastering Business Results – single payment

Mastering Business Results – 3 payments

Why do you believe this program is the best in the world?

Because we are sure it works. What we tell you has given great results in several hundreds of companies. 

We have helped many business owners to improve their company. We made a serious difference in several hundreds of companies. (With the same knowledge you will receive in the program.) We have a very practical way of giving advice to our clients: we really fight together with the business owner to realize results, down in the trenches, down in the mud. Sometimes it was easy to reach the results, sometimes it was a bit difficult, sometimes very difficult. We learned a lot from it.

We bundled all our most important lessons and insights into a very time-efficient way in a unique step-by-step program, and we improved it continuously. We have optimized that program for 20 years. It always works, if the business owner applies it wisely. Time and time again it gives great business results. This program is now at its best. I would hate it if you would miss this great opportunity. Really.

Can I increase my Cash Flow with this e-coaching program?


On average, small companies with no or just a few employees, often realize a 100,000 USD more cash flow in a year’s time. Every year.

And bigger companies with let’s say 50 or more employees, realize often a few hundred thousand to even a few million more cash flow per year.

These are averages. Some realize more, some realize less. If you want to realize great results, you don’t have to do any magic 😉 and you don’t need to be special or have a special education. You just have to go through the program and apply it wisely, step by step. We will lead the dance ;-).

What "profits" can I expect from this program?

Our clients are most enthusiastic about these results:

  • Having more profit
  • Having a better, stronger, more energized team
  • Having a smoother running organization; more efficiency
  • Having a more solid, more future proof company
  • Having more vision, knowing clearer where you want to take the company
  • Having more fun as a manager – business owner
  • Having a stronger case when you go to a bank or investors
  • Growing smart(er)
  • Having a sound management base you can build on (they think of it as a “mini-MBA for business owners”) 
For whom is this program?

For Business Owners or directors who want to improve their company.

Typically businesses with 0 to 150 employees.

Do I have to be smart to go through this program?

Some participants have studied several masters. Some had learning disabilities and got barely through the primary school. They all learned a lot and were happy.

If you can run a business, you can understand the program. We always start from zero. You have to be open to new ideas though, willing to see things from a new perspective.

Is this a training program?

Yes. And more.

Weekly, you will get new video sessions, for 12 weeks. The content is 100% based on what works in practice in small business management (0 – 150 employees, 100 K – 20 Mio USD revenue). Advanced insights applied in practice.

We know that your time is scarce. Only the best things made it to the program. Only the best management insights are good enough for this program. We apply bulletproof and innovative theory,  and only keep those things in the program that really worked very well in small companies. All our best secrets 😉


Next to the videos:

  • You will also have chances to ask questions to get some clarification
  • and you will be invited to join a group of co-participants, so you can:
    • Exchange ideas,
    • Find sparring partners,
    • Get inspiration from colleagues that are no competitors.


What will we talk about in the program?
  • Financial management
  • Corporate strategy (my favorite ;-)!)
  • Marketing Management
  • Sales Management
  • People management
  • How to structure an organization more efficiënt
  • and many other management domains

You will see more in the videos you will get. You can call it a “mini-MBA for business owners”. Always starting from zero. Very time-efficient. Very practical. Step by step.

Is this program cheap?

When you compare it to the profit you can make with this program, this program is way too cheap. And that is important. Returns of 100 times the investment or more are not the exception.


Are you sure I will get results?

If you apply wisely what you hear in the program: yes.

You don’t have to be special. If you can run a business, you will understand everything in the program.

You have to do your work of course: you have to listen, to think, to decide wisely and apply wisely what you have decided. Since we have no control over this, we cannot give you any guarantee you will realize results. But be sure it has helped many business owners before you. And you have the guarantee: if you don’t like the program, (for example, if you don’t like the style, or my face, or my funny language), send us in the first ten days an email and you get back your money. So, you have no risk at all.


Is there a trial period?
Yes, 10 days. If you don’t like the style of the program, just annul within the first 10 days by sending an email to program@4betterresults.com and you get your money back.

So: no risk at all.

A lot to win, nothing to lose.


What clients say about this program?

Because of the management insights you will receive in the program, we have made an important difference in several hundreds of companies. Check out what this unique methodology has done for these business owners:

The client satisfaction is above 96%, and we still want to do better. To give you an idea of how the program is perceived, let me give you just a few other testimonials:

  • “Thanks to this practical methodology, we developed a clear strategic plan to make the company stronger”, Paul Nijst, Managing Director Paul Nijst Ltd.
  • “Thanks to Kurt Vandewalle, time is now being made to think about the really important matters for the company, while doing this in a structured way”, Gunter Verherbrugghen, Managing Director Verherbrugghen Ltd
  • “It’s good to face the brutal facts and get new insights into our familiar kitchen”, Xavier Glorieux, owner-director Xterior
  • “Very satisfied with this kind of advice. Real added value for everyone to go through this program.” Mathias Steenhuyse, Managing Director, Ikoon Ltd.